GDR2 for the HTC 8x on Three

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Looks like us HTC 8x owners will be getting the GDR2 in the near future. Us HTC owners are now second class citizens compared to the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone owners. Its good to see HTC and the Three network looking after there customers.

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Creating Windows 8 Image

Now I’m writing a long overdue blog out of frustration.

After spending a day prepping a Windows 8 Pro image for imaging I starting to pull out my virtual hair.

Why you ask? Sysprep did not want to prep my image, it failed every time.  After trawling the internet for a solution I finally found that because I was so thorough with my updating this hindered the process.

1)  Updating the Windows OS and associated files = GOOD!

2)  Updating all the metro apps in the Microsoft Store = BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I know what is at fault, time to restarting prepping a the computer again.

This is a big fail on Microsoft’s part if they want there Metro Apps to be taken seriously.

Rant over and out!!

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Raspberry Pi

February 19, 2013 1 comment

Recently the ICT department in the school where I work purchased a Raspberry Pi and said ‘have a play’. The school I work for is a private school for children aged from 3 months to 11 years. The school already has ICT rooms each with 20 windows computers and all the classrooms are fitted with a computer with an interactive white board.

After booting into the Raspberry’s desktop I found various applications. An application called Scratch is already used in our school on the Windows computers. It’s a program for gaining the basics of programming using a system of programming blocks, similar to Lego. The Open University also use a variation of Scratch but this is called Sense and is used in conduction with an I/O board.

Another programming application is also on the Raspberry Pi, this is called Python, this again is available on the Windows OS the same as Scratch. Python aimed at the more proficient programmer. It is also a cross platform programming language.

There are other programs on the Pi such as a web browser but I really think the schools computers can do a lot more. I suppose if the school was to offer these small computers as loans to students without access to a PC at home then that might make more sense. They could carry on their programming work at home using the files they constructed at school. They could even be end of term prizes for the different school houses.


I love the Raspberry Pi it’s like having a ZX81 again but with so many PCs around me now it’s hard to find a use for it. Maybe if computers were not so cheap the Raspberry might be a viable alternative but most children have laptops now. Utilising the Raspberry Pi inside schools also seems false economy with all the PCs at their disposal.

What the Raspberry Pi does have is a very cool image unlike a Windows PC. It’s the new must have gadget, but hopefully it will hook children enough to learn how to program. Like the ZX81 did for me with the Basic Programming language. I’d be interested in people’s views on the subject as in know the Raspberry Pi can be put to many uses. I just may haven’t found the right applicable for it yet in school.

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Windows 8 music syncing stress

November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Everyone knows how much I love my music collection from the early days of Party Mode and Media Center. Now Windows 8 can sync my music via the cloud across my Windows Phone 8 and my Xbox 360.

I already had some playlists imported from the Zune player into the Music app. This seemed to sync across my devices ok. So I decided to create a new playlist on the Music app in Windows 8. This did not sync to either the Xbox or the phone so I decided to try another test. I created a new playlist on the Xbox. This appeared ok on my phone but not in my Music app.

I also created a playlist on my phone but this did not sync either to my Xbox or the Music app. In the end I deleted the playlist I had created on the Xbox, this disappeared from the phone.

So really there is very little playlist syncing between devices. This is depressing, I do hope Microsoft sort this out soon.

On a final note I was trying this experiment wirelessly between devices. It would be a shame if i needed to plug my phone in to sync between the Music app and the phone. This would defeat the purpose of a central cloud system.

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Zune Pass = Xbox Music Pass

October 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Today I had confirmation from Microsofts Zune support that the Zune Pass will automatically change to the Xbox Music Pass.
What that means to us folk is that if you are using the Zune Pass on either your Windows Phone, Xbox or PC software it will automatically change to the Xbox Music Pass.

In the autumn the Xbox will have a dashboard update to reflect the move to Xbox Music.
The new Windows Phone 8 will also have Xbox music instead of the Zune music player.
Finally with the arrival of Windows 8, again the Xbox music service will be built in.
So no need to worry if your a Zune Pass user hopefully the change over will be seamless.

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Unmountable Boot Volume

September 18, 2012 Leave a comment


If you’re still using Windows XP on your computer.  You might encounter the blue screen of death at some point.  A common problem with XP is the blue screen that indicates that there is an Unmountable_Boot_Volume. It looks like a scary error but can usually be fixed quite easily.




The first thing you require is the original XP installation disc supplied with the computer. If you haven’t I will explain how to produce your own in another blog.

The first you do is put this disc into your computer when it is switched on.

Next press the boot from button. This can be F6, F12 or esc key. This can change from different manufactures of computers. Sometimes the disc will automatically load.

The disc will load then ask whether you want to repair, install or quit Windows XP.



Press R to repair. The computer will load you onto the command prompt.

At this stage you should see the C: which indicates you’re on the C drive.

Next type ‘chkdsk /r /f’ then press enter.

This will check for faulty windows files then repair them.

This process should take from 1 to 2 hours.

After the process has completed, a report will display what was fixed.

Restart your computer and Windows XP will boot as normal.


Its as easy as that, I hope this has helped you all out there.

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Free Antivirus Software

August 28, 2012 Leave a comment


Security Essentials

I use the free Antivirus software by Microsoft called Security Essentials. In Windows 8 this software will be built into the OS and will be called Defender so you will not have to buy any Antivirus software. Security Essentials can be installed in Microsoft’s older OS’s from XP, Vista and Windows 7 and comes in 64 and 32bit flavours.

One thing to note is that if you are installing it onto a Windows XP computer make sure it has service pack 3. If your computer just has service pack 2 the installation will ask for two additional updates from Microsoft these can be found here:-


When downloading the second update choose the last option in the download list as shown above.

Once you have installed Microsoft’s Security Essentials I would also suggest you set the software to scan on a weekly basis. This can be done in the settings tabs, as shown below.



Defender Offline

As mentioned before in Windows 8 Security Essentials will be called Defender and will be built into the operating system. Microsoft has also released Defender Offline as a standalone piece of software that can be downloaded and installed on a DVD, CD or a Flash drive. This can then be used to scan your computer if there are any viruses that are stopping you even getting into the operating system. Once you have downloaded the file it will guide you in creating a DVD, CD or Flash Drive to boot from.

To boot from one of these mediums, switch the computer on insert Defender Offline then press either F6, F11 or the esc key. The function key can change according which computer you own. When you start the computer most of time the opening screens indicate what your boot key is. Your computer may automatically boot straight to Defender Offline without the need to press any key.

When this software has loaded it will look and function the same as Security Essentials but you have not needed to load you normal operating system. This software can be another form of attack from viruses as mentioned in my previous blog.

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